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Japanese Jazz Violinist Player




寺井 ?子
Japanese jazz violin player. Born May 1st, 1967.

Studied violin since the age of four.Made her debut professionally in 1986.
Became widely noticed with her participation to the album by pianist Kenny Barron recorded in New York in 1995, which lead her to release her first album as the leader "Thinking of You" in 1998. Continuously releasing her 2nd album "Pure Moment" in the following year, she was chosen the best musician for Readers' Choice Awards Misc. Instruments in Swing Journal's annual poll (and still ranks at the top four years in a row).

She begins her year 2000 as the guest performer (soloist) at the New Year Concert of Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra. Here she releases one album after another beginning with her maxi single "Rhapsody In Blue", her third album "Princess T" produced by Lee Ritenour, and her first live recording album, "Live". Also, being awarded the Swing Journal New Star at the Jazz Disc Awards 2000, she makes her challenge into a new field as a music director for NHK's drama which was awarded the prize for excellence in TV programs division at the Media Arts Festival hosted by Agency for Cultural Affairs in year 2000.

Her challenge continues as she releases her first self-produced album (5th album) "All For You" with Richard Galliano as the guest performer, subsequently followed by her concert tour, "Naoko Terai All For You Tour 2001-2002" in eight major cities across the country.

She makes her joint performance with Richard Galliano again in 2002, at his commemorative concert for receiving the'Django d'or' Awards in Le Mans, France. Also, performs in the opening act for 'TOKYO JAZZ 2002' which leads her to joining the 'SUPER UNIT', collaboration with Michael Brecker, Wayne Shorter, and others with a request from Herbie Hancock. She was the first Japanese artist to specially participate in the unit.

Most recently, Naoko released her long-awaited original album, "Anthem" on February 14th, 2003.


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[하늘신사 의역 해석.]


1967년 5월1일생의 일본 재즈 바이올리니스트이다.

4살때부터 바이올린을 공부하였다.

1986년에 프로로 데뷔.


1995년 뉴욕에서 녹음된 피아니스트 케니 배런의 앨범에 참여하면서부터 유명세를 띠기 시작하였다.

이 일은  1998년에 그녀의 첫 앨범, "Thinking of You"를 발매하는데 인도하였다.

연속하여 다음 해에 그녀의 두번째 앨범, "Pure Moment"를 발매하였다.


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